About Google Apps for Work

Google Apps For Work

Google Apps is a cloud computing software tool offered by Google on a subscription basis that could provide your organization with an entirely new experience to collaborate and work online. It is a cloud based package designed for all kinds of business, be it big or small. You can work together not only with files and documents but work along with the chat and video conference option available. Google Apps as a package includes a variety of popular applications including Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Hangouts etc. A custom email address with 30 GB inbox space backed by 24 x7 support is the main highlight. It is a package of programs that effectively runs in a web browser to make your daily work schedule more easy and productive. Other than the normal software or program that needs to be updated many times, Google Apps is a welcome change for them.

Benefits of Google Apps

Google Apps for work is an email solution provided by Google and this itself implies its authenticity. When it is Google that provides solutions for your work, it is the best mail solution available for email, online storage, calendar, meetings, video and more.

It’s high time you switch over to Google Apps. Other Benefits:

Why Google Apps for Work

What Makes Google Apps different?

The below features make Google Apps the best long term solution for your company. It answers all your concerns on reliability, flexibility, cost effectiveness, upgradable technology of your emails etc. A lot of updations have already been done in Google Apps since its introduction which is still a continuous process. What more can you look for in an app??

  • Google Apps is a collaborative, real-time office productivity suite
  • The tools are designed to be simple, intuitive, & reliable
  • Many users will already be familiar with the tools in Google Apps
  • Access from any modern browser including on mobile devices.
  • Simple, predictable operating expense.
  • Enables you to easily add new users as you grow
  • Interoperates with existing Microsoft Office documents
  • Google Apps is extendable as a platform for the future of your company

Product suite of Google Apps

Selling Google Apps means providing your customers with a complete communication and content production solution that requires only a browser to run. You’re selling a suite of apps that includes:



Enterprise-Level Capabilities

  • Enterprise administrative controls
  • 99.9% uptime service level agreement
  • Enterprise-level support
  • Message archiving and ediscovery called “Google Apps Vault”
  • Easy process automation with Google Apps Script
  • Integration with on-demand enterprise-computing resources called “Google Cloud Platform”

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