It is a web based calendar application that enables employees to work together efficiently and minimize cost. Google calendar helps you schedule appointments and meetings at ease. You can create calendars and manage your meeting schedule on any device from anywhere in the world. This calendar can be shared among the immediate team or with the whole company in order to organize events. You can easily view and edit events and meetings from any device from any place.

Related Apps


Build professional email address in Gmail. Create a number of mailing lists like marketing@yourcompany, etc.


Hangout helps you to meet face to face with coworkers and customers. With hangout you can create, co-ordinate and join chats and video meetings with people in different offices, different countries or different continents.


Google plus is Google’s social media where you can update your status, post photos, organize different groups or circles, messaging, text, audio and video chat.


Google Contact is a free contact management tool for Gmail provided by Google Apps. This facility enables employees to share contacts with each other in an organization.


Google Groups enables people to communicate and collaborate and makes it easy for groups of people to work together on a project.

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